Chiropody & Podiatry

We have two Podiatrists working at the Ankerside Clinic, Nuneaton who are members of the Health Professions Council(HPC) offering a wide range of treatments.

Treatments available :

  • General Chiropody
  • Removal of corns – calluses
  • Nail deformities
  • Ingrown – problem nails
  • Diabetic assessment and treatment
  • Ulcer – wound management
  • General foot pain – complaints
  • Ankle problems
  • Foot fatigue etc

We also offer:

  • Biomechanical assessments of the foot and lower limb using treadmill – video analysis
  • Custom made orthotics and fitting.
  • Follow up assessment and advice.
  • Consultation with physiotherapist – podiatrist to discuss
  • findings – management programme.

chiropody and podiatry at Ankersdie Physiotherapy Clinic